Everything you need to know to manage our main product, Adsmurai Marketing Platform.

On this page we are sharing all the information to set up a campaign, monitoring or optimize your social ads campaigns through our Adsmurai Marketing Platform tools.

Adsmurai Marketing Platform includes: Katana, ads optimization management; Feed composer to optimize dynamic ads and Visual Commerce, user-generated content massive finder. We offer support within all our solutions.


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Product Matching, label images of your products that you collect from your users

Product| Views: 29

Detect all the images containing your brand that users upload to the internet. Label them with the products from your catalogue and then, compile the images on your website to...

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Dynamic ads Optimizer - Feed Composer by Adsmurai

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Optimize your Dynamic Ads with “Feed Composer”

Product, Strategy| Views: 88

If Dynamic Ads are one of the most powerful tools around for any e-commerce, we here at Adsmurai have focused on improving the possibilities offered by DPA. That’s just the...

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Dynamic ads optimizer - Collage - Adsmurai

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Product Update for Dynamic Ads and successful case

Product| Views: 105

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads are one of the most effective formats for achieving conversions at a low cost. That format has an impact on increasing real public interest in your brand...

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Publishers - Katana - Adsmurai

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Product Update: Publishers

Product| Views: 54

We present the first specially thought out function allowing publishers to optimise their Facebook ads campaigns. Due to the large number of daily posts on the publishers pages,...

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Visual Commerce Platform, the solution by Adsmurai for filtering “User-generated content”.

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Visual Commerce Platform, the solution by Adsmurai for filtering “User-generated content”

Product| Views: 85

Presenting Visual Commerce Platform, the solution created and developed by Adsmurai which permits the localization of the most relevant user-generated images for every brand. It...

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Inversión sin riesgo en Facebook

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Investment without risk: Automations by Katana

Product| Views: 36

A continuous tracing and checking of the advertising campaigns is one of the key aspects for getting the best results, but it is not always possible to do it as often as...

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