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Product Update for Dynamic Ads and successful case

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Facebook’s Dynamic Ads are one of the most effective formats for achieving conversions at a low cost, having an impact on increasing real public interest in your brand and your product.

Even though we have already developed our own improvement systems, such as using brand templates and pre-processing images, this time we have been THE FIRST IN THE WORLD to develop a new way of treating this type of creative advertising.

Dynamic Ads have some very specific and at the same time limited creative specifications whilst our latest innovation offers a more attractive visual experience enabling you to achieve more conversions at lower prices through what we have called the gallery. Once published, it looks like this:


The Dynamic Ads creativity system selects an image from a product’s web feed and, once the user has visited the actual product, it shows it to Facebook, within a carousel. Our gallery allows us to show a number of images within the same carousel instead of a single image of the product in order to provide more information about it and to offer different perspectives or applications over and above the type found on the white background of the usual feed.

As such, we carried out an initial test with the clothing brand Desigual, and the results obtained over the 3 weeks far exceeded those of the 3 previous weeks using normal Dynamic Ads without the gallery. In addition to this, we must take into account that the normal Dynamic Ads comparison took place during the sales period when sales are normally higher.

Our innovation has earned recognition from Facebook on a global level, the case study has been officially published and you can read it here.


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